Abduction solved

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Last updated on June 6th, 2017 at 02:23 am

As usual when the big science news breaks, an Australian is involved:

Weekly World News has learned from a respected scientific source that rescuers searching for survivors of the December 26 monster wave stumbled across a UFO half buried in the beach on Hong Island, a remote isle off the coast of Thailand.

The source tells WWN that the drowned corpses of two space alien astronauts were found in the saucer-shaped craft’s cockpit. Even more incredible, a human abductee—a Missoula, Mont., woman missing since October 31—was found strapped to an examination table in a water-tight chamber. The source says she was naked, babbling incoherently and was possibly a guinea pig for ghoulish experiments.

“The human survivor, identified as 27-year-old Wendy Carpsdale, has been airlifted to a medical facility in Bangkok,” reveals Dr. Robert Wilton, a leading Australian physicist with high-level contacts in the Thai scientific community.

The man is connected! Weekly World News has a habit of placing its various “experts” in Australia; there may be a few Australians on the WWN staff. Here’s more on Ms Carpsdale:

“She turned out to be a Montana schoolteacher who vanished on her way to a Halloween party,” says Dr. Wilton. “Her clothes, including the Martha Stewart mask she was wearing at the time, were found neatly folded in a cubbyhole.”

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