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Last updated on August 5th, 2017 at 04:00 pm

Richard Branson, whose airline was prepared to screen 9/11 truther lies, is himself an Ashes truther:

“In 1882 the idea was the Ashes would come to Australia,” said Branson, in the most baffling reinterpretation of history since the movie Marie Antoinette. “They would then come back to England but an English captain grabbed hold of them and they’ve kept them there ever since.”

You had to admire the cheek of the man, who had probably spent five minutes being briefed by an underling yet was still prepared to challenge an entire school of historical thought.

Fortunately, there was an expert on hand to put him right. Branson’s grinning monologue was interrupted by Gideon Haigh, an eminent cricket writer in a Fall T-shirt.

“You’re rewriting history here,” Haigh told him.

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