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Highlights from Webdiary’s latest financial report:

Site traffic measures in June were around 20% down from May, partly reflecting the transition from a staffed to volunteer-run site, and partly the shorter working month.

And partly that even fewer people care to read the wretched, doomed thing. Shoot it!

Since the launch of the independent site in August 2005, we have published 588 articles and somewhat over 24,000 comments. All of these remain on the site.

That’s something you can be very proud of.

Income in June was $1561.66 in total (including $255.57 from Google AdSense), versus expenditure of $1395.66.

For a profit of $166—or $5.53 per day. Share a Happy Meal. The Webdiary team will now embark on an era of unprecendented frugality:

Forward costs from July on are now reduced to around $600 per month, or $20 per day.

That’s down from $400 per day under the free-spending Margo regime. Golden times, especially for Wayne Sanderson, who (as the table below reveals) pulled in $12,499.66 for a few months of Daily Briefing contributions. Webdiary accounts for the 2005/6 financial year:

Donations             $18,344.00
Advertising                 $8,494.75
Interest                          $0.30
Total                            $26,839.05

Project Syndicate           $5,161.51
Daily Briefing                 $12,499.66
Editorial staff                 $44,500.00
Typepad site costs          $116.16
Advertising (Crikey Ad) $838.60
Office equipment            $952.00
Nielsen NetRatings        $1,500.00
Bank & credit card fees  $1,101.71
Total                        $66,669.64

Looks like everybody (banks, Crikey, Nielsen, Wayne, “editorial staff”) made money out of Webdiary … except Webdiary.

UPDATE. Should’ve invested in cabbage futures.

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