100-minute movie explained in twelve hours

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Time magazine salutes Leni Riefenstahl:

There are several ways to send a message. You can be bold and yell from a rooftop. You can be subtle and mention a theory in passing. Or if you really mean business, you can make a motion picture and, in order to reach even more people, organize an army to disseminate its message.

To be fair, Riefenstahl left the army-organising to others; to be even fairer, Time is actually talking about Al Gore, whose brainwashing techniques for his global warming cavalry nevertheless resemble those of a messianic cult leader:

Gore has already held six two-and-a-half day training sessions and plans to hold two more this spring – one in Nashville and another in Cambridge. Aside from travel expenses, the sessions are free for all volunteers.

During this global-warming boot camp, Gore stands in front of his cavalry for about 12 hours and explains the slide show presentation he gives in the movie.

Twelve hours of Al! Try that in Abu Ghraib and they’d be begging for the old pyramid treatment. Gore’s zombie soldiers have since fanned out across the US (“there are still many regions throughout the country — particularly in the Midwest — that still have not gotten the message”),  sometimes accompanied by wicked dissenters:

Right after the film, [MIT meteorology professor Richard] Lindzen, who has criticized Gore’s “shrill alarmism,” sent the students into an uproar when he stood on the stage and said, “Al Gore lied to you. Everything you have just seen is propaganda.”

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