Jonathan Miles in the New York Times:

For a certain segment of the population, Nascar’s raid on American culture—its logo festoons everything from cellphones to honey jars to post office walls to panties; race coverage, it can seem, has bumped everything else off television; and, most piercingly, Nascar dads now get to pick our presidents—triggers the kind of fearful trembling the citizens of Gaul felt as the Huns came thundering over the hills. To these people, stock-car racing represents all that’s unsavory about red-state America: fossil-fuel bingeing; lust for violence; racial segregation; run-away Republicanism; anti-intellectualism (how much brain matter is required to go fast and turn left, ad infinitum?); the corn-pone memes of God and guns and guts; crass corporatization; Toby Keith anthems; and, of course, exquisitely bad fashion sense.

Glen Wishard responds: “The New York Times has got some cheese asking how much brain matter it takes to turn left ad infinitum.

Posted by Tim B. on 05/25/2005 at 09:07 AM
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