Margo Kingston defends Indonesian justice:

All the anger around against the Indonesian legal system – at least Ms Corby was charged, had a lawyer and went to Court, which is better than our system managed with Cornelia [Rau].

Better? Let’s compare …

Case one: Rau walked out of a Sydney psychiatric hospital last year and later turned up in Queensland claiming to be an illegal immigrant from Germany. She was subsequently admitted to a Brisbane hospital and examined by a psychiatrist who, as Andrew Bolt reported, cleared her of mental illness. Rau was then relocated to the Baxter detention centre where her condition worsened, after which she was placed in an Adelaide psych hospital. Rau repeatedly provided false names to officials seeking to identify her. Earlier this month Rau spoke at a press conference before being re-admitted to Adelaide’s Glenside Hospital for further treatment.

Case two: Schapelle Corby was jailed for twenty years.

Posted by Tim B. on 05/30/2005 at 11:43 AM
    1. But of course.  The parallels are so blatant.

      Posted by richard mcenroe on 05/30 at 12:08 PM • permalink


    1. You know, you could do with your mentally disabled what we do with them here in Los Angeles:

      1.  Set them to living on the streets, feeding off garbage and squatting in their own excrement.

      2.  Every once in awhile, pick them up for 72 hours’ “observation” and/or 30 days’ involuntary confinement while you start a file on them.

      3.  Dump them back out on the street, “hey, we’ve done all we can…”

      4.  Repeat as needed ‘til they die, but at least their “rights” were respected.

      Posted by richard mcenroe on 05/30 at 12:18 PM • permalink


    1. I used to laugh at the Margoyle, but she is starting to seriously piss me off.

      The constant howling and faeces flinging at the PM, Ministers and PS Departments is getting very old, very quickly.

      If she ever came up with with ONE relatively sane constructive suggestion, (not including “People’s Inquiries”) I would cheerfully go back to just giggling at her.

      Posted by Pedro the Ignorant on 05/30 at 12:24 PM • permalink


    1. Once upon a time I tried reading Webdiary.  But in short order I find myself having to consciously restrain from throwing my glass mug of beer at the computer screen.  Imagine losing a good mug of beer because of Margo.  Then I concluded that Margo just has to be a fiction, a clever construct, possibly the alter ego of Karl Rove, used to entertain the conservatives.  I have no other explanation for the insanity of her views.

      One reason I read this blog, besides receiving coded messages from Dark Lord Rove conveyed through his lackeys, more than a few of which seem to loiter around here for some reason, is so I don’t have to read Webdiary.  I figure Tim will keep me informed of the more entertaining rantings Margo is making.  It’s worth every penny I spend on this blog too.

      Posted by wronwright on 05/30 at 03:24 PM • permalink


    1. Yes once again The SMH princess displays her wonderful sharp mind, Such subtle comparisons between the horrors of Australian Justice and the wisdom of Indonesian law.
      What an asset to the bar this woman would have been had she qualified. Indeed had she been allowed to defend the Bali Bombers, is it not likely that she would have secured their release.

      Posted by davo on 05/30 at 04:27 PM • permalink


    1. Case three: Margo walked out of the Webdairy office and later claimed to be a journalist from the Sydney Morning Herald … that compares more closely with case one

      Posted by Stevo on 05/30 at 04:53 PM • permalink


    1. The difference being that Corby committed a crime – possession at the very least.

      I know you’re heart is in the right place Tim, but much like your speeder versus child-beater comparison a while back, you defy common sense at times.

      Ideology is one thing, but crimes deserve punishment and mistakes deserve to be admitted and corrected.

      Posted by Adam on 05/30 at 05:12 PM • permalink


    1. I sure know which gross injustice I’d prefer suffer.

      Posted by underscore on 05/30 at 05:21 PM • permalink


    1. Don’t be cruel, Tim. It’s only natural for Margo to identify with other loonies.

      Posted by Paul on 05/30 at 05:52 PM • permalink


    1. I too am surprised Tim has become caught up in the media-fuelled hysteria, rather than his usual rational consideration of the facts of the case.

      Posted by Big Johnny on 05/30 at 09:05 PM • permalink


    1. The strangest thing about this case is the left defending the Indonesian justice system. I would think that this case, cruel justice system vs. cute young woman, would bring out all the activists on Miss Corby’s side. Is the “brown-skinned foreigners are Our Betters” position such a default that it overrides the other traditional “progressive” dicta (cannabis is good, judges and cops suck, harsh prison terms for light offenses are the ultimate evil, etc.)?

      Posted by Andrea Harris, Administrator on 05/30 at 10:30 PM • permalink


    1. Andrea – The “brown-skinned foreigners are Our Betters” position seems to trump all sorts of human rights violations (women, gay, Christian, Jewish, etc.) in the Middle East.  Why not in Indonesia too?

      Posted by lewisinnyc on 05/30 at 11:05 PM • permalink


    1. Hmmm, I wonder if the left would be defending the local justice system if Ms Corby was convicted of a capital crime and sentenced to death here in Texas. 

      But, then again, many of us are not “brown-skinned foreigners” so I guess that means they couldn’t defend it—some of us are “brown-skinned foreigners” though…. geez, I’m so confused.

      Posted by wadikitty on 05/31 at 12:23 AM • permalink


    1. If Corby had been sentenced to twenty years for trying to smuggle weed into Texas, Margo would be screaming at ranting at the American justice system.
      Margo does not give a fig leaf about the Indonesian justice system, she is just using it to vent her hate at all things western.

      Posted by davo on 05/31 at 01:41 AM • permalink


    1. Andrea: you’ve got this in one, except that in Australian this is by no means strange. Abjection as a sign of love is the default position.

      Posted by Hanyu on 05/31 at 03:13 AM • permalink


    1. Cornelia’s loving family says she “might” have been abused in detention.
      How did they work that one out-either she was or she wasn’t.

      Posted by crash on 05/31 at 09:36 AM • permalink


    1. Have a look at the First Comment on the list for Margoyles hysterical rant about Cornelia Rau.  Lucky we have these people thinking for us!

      Posted by TonyD on 05/31 at 08:15 PM • permalink


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