It’s car-b-q time again:

Rioting broke in one of Paris’s tinder box suburban housing estates last night after two young boys were killed when their moped collided with a police car.

Molotov cocktails were thrown, and cars and plastic bins set on fire … One police station was set alight and another, in a neighbouring suburb, was ransacked after youths threw cocktails, and set bins alight and upturned cars.

The rioters are described as … well, just “rioters”, although Presbyterianism is suspected. According to one witness, certain national stereotypes were observed:

“There were four police cars here, but they’ve retreated. They were charged by the rioters. Some rioters are climbing up to electric cables to try and break them and put the whole district into darkness.”

Darkness? Hey, they’re taking action against global warming! Probably to carbon-offset all that burning.

UPDATE. Further to earlier non-appearance miscreant news, here’s a tale of complete identification. By the SMH, of all people.

Posted by Tim B. on 11/26/2007 at 08:48 AM
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