Kyoto, once the most popular Protocol of them all, is increasingly shunned:

John Howard claims he has been vindicated over his opposition to the Kyoto Protocol after business groups in New Zealand and Germany demanded their countries quit the agreement as soon as possible and join the Asia-Pacific climate pact.

A coalition of 22,000 New Zealand businesses, under the auspices of the New Zealand Chambers of Commerce and Industry, called on both parties in the New Zealand election to start talks on pulling out of the Kyoto Protocol by 2008 – the earliest possible date to do so …

Germany’s industry bodies said last week “the hopes on the Kyoto Protocol were unfortunately not fulfilled” and that consideration for all countries to join the recently agreed six-nation Asia-Pacific Clean Air and Development partnership “after the expiration of the Kyoto Protocol in 2012”.


Posted by Tim B. on 08/28/2005 at 07:59 PM
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