What was Bob Ellis saying the other day? Something about the “Howard bandname” being “poisonously tainted, and in its final, twitching throes”? Doesn’t look like it:

The Coalition has bounced back to grab the lead from Labor, shows the latest Herald Poll, and voters are apparently convinced John Howard will stick around to fight the next election.

Despite the oil-for-food scandal, disunity between the Nationals and Liberals after Julian McGauran’s defection and the opposition to the Government’s industrial relations changes, the Prime Minister is well placed when the Federal Parliament meets next week.

According to the poll, which was conducted by ACNielsen at the weekend, support for the Coalition has jumped six points to 51 per cent and dropped six points to 49 per cent for Labor in two-party terms.

The Coalition’s lead might even increase in the wake of the wheat scandal, handled with hilarious incompetence by Howard’s enemies.

Posted by Tim B. on 01/30/2006 at 11:24 PM
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