Yet more Saddam sadness:

A daughter of Iraq’s ex-dictator Saddam Hussein was “outraged” by the published pictures of her jailed father dressed only in underwear, an aide said yesterday.

“She was shocked and outraged because of the pictures,” which appeared in a British newspaper, the aide of Raghad Hussein told AFP.

“She described the pictures as inhumane, and wondered why her father is not being treated as a human being and the father of three daughters,” the source said.

Saddam was also father-in-law to two of his daughters’ husbands. Until he had them both murdered.

UPDATE. Saddam wasn’t always so shy, reports Piers Akerman:

When he was in the box seat, as it were, happily murdering Iraqis, invading Kuwait and prosecuting the lengthy war against Iran, Saddam posed for the camera in his bathers a la Mao swimming the Yangtse.

Macho stuff. Man of Iron. There were no complaints about lack of modesty from the international salon of sorry sisters then. Nor were the handwringers too worried about reports of torture to the point of murder being carried out by Saddam’s jailers in Abu Ghraib.

Posted by Tim B. on 05/23/2005 at 09:50 PM
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