P.J. O’Rourke reviews Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.’s horrible Journals:

Journals is so much more than gush. Its pages also crack open a hellgate to give us a peek at the eternally consuming fires of egotistic solipsism to which the soul of a liberal is forever condemned. Not even the undying love that Arthur Schlesinger felt for Kennedy money, power, and prestige could redeem poor Art from the perdition that awaits the bien pensant. His is the sin of pride, such that produces the New Deal, the Fair Deal, the New Frontier, the Great Society. It manifests itself in the deeds of the mighty. Or in the case of Arthur Schlesinger, it manifests itself in mighty bad taste.

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Posted by Tim B. on 12/29/2007 at 06:21 AM
    1. Arthur Schlesinger, the great bore?

      Posted by stackja1945 on 2007 12 29 at 06:35 AM • permalink


    1. I don’t know if the review is a take on the style in the magazine.  If so, well done.  If not, a bit over-written.  P.J. was funnier (Holidays in Hell, Republican Party Reptile) before he got in with the CATO crowd (Eat the Rich).

      Posted by Brett_McS on 2007 12 29 at 06:50 AM • permalink


    1. You see there was this fellow, Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., who died early this year and is on his way to being forgotten but who, unfortunately, isn’t quite there yet.
      He made tennis racquets, right?

      Posted by blogstrop on 2007 12 29 at 07:03 AM • permalink


    1. With words like hellgate and eternally consuming fires… and blood and soldier and mother.*

      Did P.J. jump the shark? Nup. Solipsism is a philosophical no-through-road. I guess liberals took a left at the roundabout.

      *Sampling the lyrics of Nick Cave

      Posted by splice on 2007 12 29 at 10:30 AM • permalink


    1. I’ve always (at least since I became politically aware) considered Schlesinger to be a whore.  Now I see he was a vain, preening, celebrity chasing, name dropping whore.

      Too bad about writing history in advance – sometimes it gets the last laugh.

      Posted by Steve Skubinna on 2007 12 29 at 01:37 PM • permalink


    1. I know what he is getting at but “egotistic solipsism” is HIGHLY redundant.  My favorite-”…moron preserve..”

      Posted by yojimbo on 2007 12 29 at 03:36 PM • permalink


  1. #3 Blogstrop

    [He made tennis racquets, right?]

    Thanks for that, I had the wrong guy, I thought he wrote Catcher in the Rye..

    Posted by Gotlieb on 2007 12 29 at 11:16 PM • permalink