Gestures forced

For one final time, John Howard disappoints feminist author Monica Dux:

The real moment of truth was always going to be Howard’s concession speech. There was a buzz among my friends: would the PM’s lip quiver? Would he stumble over his words, shed a few tears?

We were disappointed.

Nice people. Being lefties, and therefore leader-fixated, Monica and her mates then found themselves annoyed by Kevni’s underwhelming acceptance speech:

When it was Rudd’s turn, I noticed something more surprising. Even in my staunchly Labor living room, guests started analysing his slick performance. The hand gestures were declared forced, the smile suspicious …

… the ear canals freshly harvested. David Marr didn’t like it much, either:

Kevin killed the party. Before his victory speech disappears into history, it has to be said the nation’s new leader turned a wild celebration into another night on the stump … Australia is now on notice that the Rudd we got on Saturday night is the Rudd we will hear for the next three years.

And this from people who voted for him. Even down in the left’s lowest, least-read depths, there’s nothing but carping at Kevin:

After last night’s acceptance speech, it’s hard to get too inspired by our “dentist” leader.

UPDATE. More disappointment for the Left:

Frankly, I was disappointed that Kevin didn’t rub [Howard’s] nose in it on election night.

That’s from Jill Singer, the fainting goat of Melbourne journalism.

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