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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


For 1,001 days—or 1,000, depending on your timezone—George W. Bush’s plastic turkey has ruled the global mediascape, from the Guardian to Pravda and the ABC, from the Sydney Morning Herald to the New York Times. This mighty bird, feasting on rich crops of gullibility and ignorance, may outlive the Bush administration. For as long as there are those who believe, the plastic turkey will remain forever real! To celebrate our turkey’s grim milestone, here’s a list of the Eternal Turkey Faithful:

image Al Franken

image Nick Grimm

image Ted Rall

image Naomi Klein

image Frank Rich

image Charles P. Pierce

image Linda S. Heard

image Pyotr Romanov

image Mick Youther

image Richard L. Berke

image Ward Reilly

image Michael Organ

image Ben Tripp

image Evelyn Pringle

image Suzanne Malveaux

image Mark Engler

image Phillip Adams

image Michael Hopping

image Washington Dispatch

image Mary Potratz

image Robert Dreyfuss

image Wonkette

image Moderate Independent

image Ghali Hassan

image Neil Mitchell

image Michael Moore

image Thomas Hauser

image AFP

image Margaret Carlson

image Kathleen Ferris

image Scott Horton

image David Rossie

image Eric Alterman

image David Lindorff

image Max Brantley

image Joey Luna

image Howard Dean

image Saul Landau

image Tom Barberi

image Cindy Sheehan

image Matt Taibbi

image Mike Whitney

image Kevin Zeese

image Mark Morford

image Howard Kurtz

image A.L. Kennedy

image Jeff Alworth

image Irving Wesley Hall

image Colleen Redman

image Heather Wokusch

image An unnamed Bay Area editorialist

image Linwood Barclay

image Daniel Patrick Welch

image Antonio Yegles

image Yamin Zakaria

image Joel Stein

image Collins Ezeanyim

image Ian McNamara
image William Rivers Pitt

image Dr. Fakhruddin Ahmed

image Gregg Easterbrook

image Alan Ramsey

image Mark Lawson

image Alec Russell

image Buddy Grizzard

image Jon Bon Jovi

image John Kerry

image David Sirota

image Ernest Dumas

image Marc Perkel

image Patricia Ernest

image Kevin Dawson

The list of corrections isn’t quite as long. By the way, unexpected work complications ate into plans for a more substantial turkey celebration; we may have to time something for the third anniversary, on December 6.

Posted by Tim B. on 08/30/2006 at 11:24 AM
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