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Thursday, January 04, 2007


Minnesota’s Diamond Dog asks several questions relating to plastic turkey mythology. You’ve come to the right place, friend! Let’s see if we can set you right:

I don’t know anything about the plastic turkey story being an invention. Rabid Bush-haters in BowieNet made me aware of the plastic turkey story immediately after the Washington Post reported that the turkey was actually plastic.

In fact, the Washington Post reported that the turkey was real: “A contractor had roasted and primped the turkey to adorn the buffet line, while the 600 soldiers were served from cafeteria-style steam trays, the officials said.” This article turns up in Google searches for “plastic turkey” because, mystifyingly, so many leftoid bloggers link to it using those words.

I’m a pro-W, pro-Iraq liberation right-wing Republican blogger from Minnesota. I read other blogs daily ...

I remember the widespread reporting on the fake turkey back when it broke in 2003 and I’ve always believed those reports to be true. So this revelation that the turkey was actually real and that the NYTimes ran a correction on the story, is all shocking news to me.

I’ve spent a good deal of time investigating this just now with various search engines and I see no verification that the turkey was real. Your own link, purportedly pointing to a NY Times correction, does not bring me to any such correction, but rather to today’s Corrections page.

Both the NY Times and the LA Times ran corrections, which have since been either archived or erased due to shame. Happily, these corrections live on in the blogosphere. Bloomberg’s correction to this fake turkey claim may be seen here.

A search in Media Busters turns up nothing.

A search in Technorati brings me only to more reporting on the “fact” that the turkey was fake.

If the story is bogus and the turkey actually was fake, I am at a loss to understand why yours is the only blog I can find which claims this.

Not so, as you’ll find at the links above.

Usually, this is the thing the right wing blogs excel at; amplifying and spreading the truth in a bogus msm story. Why did I miss the truth in this expose’ for three years?

Why can I not find a single story anywhere that has the smoking gun facts?

Check that first Washington Post story again, Diamond. The facts were in from day one.

I’d appreciate it if anyone could post a link that would shed some light on this.

Glad to be of assistance!

UPDATE. Subsequent thoughts from Diamond Dog:

I sincerely do thank everyone, especially Tim Blair, for bringing this body of evidence out into the open. I am convinced that the turkey was real. I am convinced that the Guardian printed a bogus story and refuses to correct that story. I am convinced that the msm generally is being obstructionist in allowing the public easy access to the corrections.

I’ve thought a bit more about why I was in the dark over this matter. Back in 2003 I was not yet a blogger and was reading primarily Andrew Sullivan in the blogosphere. I think it was only later that I learned that the sphere was much larger than the Daily Dish. By then, the turkey story had probably faded.

Of course, the bogus plastic turkey story is not very important. But it is an apt example of how the msm distorts reality. The most important aspect of the story is not that the turkey was real, but as an example of how msm bias works. And it works effectively. I was totally hornswaggled.

Posted by Tim B. on 01/04/2007 at 09:23 AM
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