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Saturday, August 18, 2007


Kevin Rudd has a wild side:

Kevin Rudd’s hopes of becoming Prime Minister have been rocked by a visit to a New York strip club where he was warned against inappropriate behaviour during a drunken night while representing Australia at the United Nations.

The UN connection is more embarrassing. What on earth was Rudd thinking?

Mr Rudd yesterday issued a statement to The Sunday Telegraph, confirming he went to the club. But he said he could not recall what happened at the night spot because he had “had too much to drink’‘.

“If my behaviour caused any offence to anybody whatsoever that evening, I of course wholeheartedly apologise’’ he said.

The alcoholic oblivion excuse. How many wine spritzers had Kevin belted down? Two? Three?

Mr Rudd went to the club, which is a well-known haunt of UN diplomats and journalists, with New York Post editor Col Allan and Northern Territory Labor MP Warren Snowdon ...
Mr Allan (an employee of News Corporation, the parent company of the publisher of The Sunday Telegraph) then confirmed he and the Opposition Leader had been to a “gentlemen’s club’‘.

“Yes, we went out for a drink,’’ Mr Allan said.

“Yes, it was at a gentleman’s club and he (Mr Rudd) behaved like a perfect gentleman.’‘

Andrew Bolt comments: “You are out of your comfort zone if you accept an invitation from Col Allan to hit the town.”  Not necessarily; I’ve hit the town with Col, more than once, and haven’t ended up being thrown out of a strip club. Well, not that I can recall.

According to some sources, Mr Rudd was warned against touching the dancers by Scores management.

Haven’t been to the club in question, but things have to get pretty lively at these joints before you’re shown the door.

Reports of Mr Rudd’s behaviour reached senior Australian diplomats serving in the US at the time. One of those diplomats, who insisted on anonymity, confirmed to The Sunday Telegraph a version of events involving “inappropriate behaviour’‘.

It is understood Mr Rudd and Mr Snowdon complied with the management directive to leave.

More from Glenn Milne; Rudd’s statement here (“I have never claimed to be perfect but I make no excuses. I take full responsibility for my actions.”) Among blog reaction,  Peter Wells:

His response, in true Australian style, was “I was too drunk to recall … ”

The boy has my vote.

And Bernie Slattery:

For once, Kevin Rudd — er, Kevin Rude — wasn’t following John Howard’s lead down to the last detail.

More like Howard’s former boss, Malcolm Fraser.

UPDATE. Larvatus Prodeo condemns Rudd:

Stripping and hooking is not good wholesome fun. The women who do it do not like the men who pay them to do it. The smiles are all fake, boys, every single one: strippers hate you. For most of the women, the only way they can keep doing the work at all is to be high as a kite for their shift.

Hit the link for further outrage.

UPDATE II. Kevin can’t recall:

He said neither he nor Mr Snowdon had a “completely clear recollection” of whether there were semi-naked women in the club or what they were doing.

“We can’t actually recall anything that you wouldn’t see in most pubs across Australia,” Mr Rudd told the Nine Network today ...

He rang his wife, Therese Rein, at home in Brisbane the next day to confess to her.

Alan R.M. Jones emails: “He can’t remember anything you wouldn’t see in most pubs across Australia, but says he then confessed the whole thing to his wife. Confessed what?”

UPDATE III. “It could be a hell of a lot worse,” writes SAM. “Rudd senior died in a car crash when he cut loose.”

UPDATE IV. Larvatus lefty Phil cheers for Kevin:

In fact I find it refreshing that Rudd had a drink or two and felt comfortable enough to go to the club with that poster boy of News Limited press reptiles Col Allan; this gives Rudd a lot in common with quite a few red blooded Australian blokes, many of whom may be more inclined to vote for the guy knowing he likes the odd drink and the ladies.

He likes the ladies so much he was allegedly asked to leave - a point studiously dodged by Kevin’s defenders.

Posted by Tim B. on 08/18/2007 at 08:15 PM
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