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Sunday, May 15, 2005


Oh. My. God. Margo Kingston is founding her own legal system:

What I suggest is that we establish a “People’s Inquiry” into Vivian Alvarez. We can start the inquiry now.

Ideally, we need a retired judge, barrister or solicitor of good standing to head the inquiry and direct our efforts.

In the meantime, we can get to work straight away. I intend to work full time next week to compile a dossier on the case.

She’s going to work for a whole week! The woman’s serious!

What I intend to do is to report to you on what we know to be true, what may or may not be true, and what we don’t know.

The “what we don’t know” file will be housed here, if they have enough room.

This would be a basis for further inquiries by Webdiarists. There are many other mysteries other Webdiarists could volunteer to investigate.

The Bermuda Triangle. Amelia Earhart. The Marie Celeste. Harold Holt. Area 51. Go to it, gang! Enjoy your wizard adventures, with lashings of ginger beer afterwards at the secret clubhouse!

We need volunteers to interview witnesses, such as people at Lismore and Liverpool hospitals who had anything to do with Vivian while she was there, and the people in the Philippines who had contact with Vivian.

We need a hotline to receive tip-offs from whistleblowers, and volunteers to follow up leads.

We need volunteers to compile a data base of all the relevant stories on the scandal to date, and what has been said in Parliament and in government statements and interviews.

We need volunteer lawyers ...

... we need a system of weights and measures, we need to mint a form of currency, we need to establish borders and a capital, we need a state religion, we need to reach trade agreements with other sovereign nations ...

We need a Website to store this info and keep people updated on where we’re at and what needs to be done next, so we need website builders, designers and maintainers.

I predict that one day, possibly within our lifetimes, internet technology will become so advanced that anybody may launch their own website. Until then, alas, we’ll remain dependent on builders, designers, maintainers, pixel buffers, download sweepers, and URL chunkers.

There’s much to be done, in many directions, by many different people. We need a group of Webdiarists to form a management group to co-ordinate our activities.

Anybody got any experience herding cats?

To conclude, the Alvarez scandal is not a partisan political issue. It is an issue crying out for all of us to exercise out responsibilities as citizens on behalf of another citizen. This is not merely altruistic. Strong action now will help ensure that none of us are ever put through a Vivian Alvarez nightmare.

Which is a constant risk here in Australia. Night time is the worst; that’s when the Human Deletion Squad does its rounds, “disappearing” hundreds of terrified citizens every evening for the mildest of infractions.

Note: To Webdiarists who want to slam me or my idea or to tell people to shut up because Howard was elected in 2004 or to make other such comments, please don’t post here. Post to one of the other Alvarez entries. This thread is for people who want to help. Expect to be deleted if you ignore this request.

Oh no! Margo is one of them! God damn her and all HDS goons.

UPDATE. Marilyn Shepherd, one of Margo’s expert investigators, is already hard at work:

How on earth would Vivian ask for a particular nun when she hadn’t been in the Philipines for years and could no longer speak Dogalog.

Amanda is either spectacularly stupid or naive or hopes we are.

The language is Tagalog.

UPDATE II. Former Labor minister Nick Bolkus unloads on the immigration department:

It’s a department which also has a dark history ... We’ve got to remember that this is a department that applied the White Australia test.

Make up your mind, Nick.

UPDATE III. Here they come! The massed regiments of Margo’s volunteer sleuthing army!

UPDATE IV. Our friend Bryan Law has a cunning plan:

I’m inclined to one day next week remove all ID, walk into my local DIMIA office with a note declaring myself to be an illegal alien, remain silent and then see what steps they take.

That’s him taken care of. Enjoy Manila, mate.

(Compiled with legal assistance from volunteers Rafe Champion, Paul Bickford, Imre Salusinszky, Craig Mc., and deportation specialist Alan R.M. Jones)

Posted by Tim B. on 05/15/2005 at 04:04 AM
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