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Saturday, March 19, 2005


* Hugh Hewitt says Claudia Rosett deserves a Pulitzer Prize. I agree.

* Justin Raimondo is over 50. And his real name is Dennis.

* John Howard pre-empted George W. Bush by shunning Gerry Adams during a visit to Australia in 1999. Andrew Bolt names and shames those who embraced the Paddy for Pretend Peace.

* For no good reason other than annoy anti-Bush folks, here’s an accurate and unbiased photo essay on the US election. It attracted this comment: “I worked hard for the Kerry campaign and am still pretty heartbroken over President Bush’s reelection. But these pictures are hilarious! Just one suggestion—in all fairness, G-Dub kissing Laura with genuine love and affection ought to go next to pix of Kerry kissing Teresa’s bank statement.”

* A Harvard student who opened a business cleaning his fellow students’ rooms is accused by the Harvard paper of “creating yet another differential between the haves and have-nots on campus.”

* Private Johnson Beharry is the first living man to receive the Victoria Cross since 1969.

* If you look at the nose of this year’s Ferrari F1 car you’ll notice that the parallelogram Fiat logo (designed in 1968) has been replaced with a logo featuring an asymmetrical A that first appeared in 1901. It its honour, Ferrari’s updated 2004 racers are travelling at pre-WWI speed in Malaysia.

* Around 150 anti-war protesters turned up to a demonstration in Canberra yesterday. A Lancet analysis put the figure at anywhere between 2,000 and 198,000. (UPDATE: “The antiwar movement’s failure to take root in the suburbs is one reason the movement is struggling to redefine itself and gain political power 2 1/2 years after hundreds of thousands of demonstrators took to city streets in the run-up to the U.S. invasion.”) (UPDATE II: Felix Jackson, 11, is a Lancet believer.)

* Labor’s replacement for Mark Latham in Werriwa has won a 2% higher share of the primary vote.

* Tex reports: “Insane ‘futurist’ and serial media commentator Richard Neville is back, though his scribblings have deteriorated so badly you can’t even tell what he’s raving about anymore.”

Posted by Tim B. on 03/19/2005 at 09:22 AM
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