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Sunday, August 21, 2005


Click here to behold the password-protected, Typepad-based, SMH-free future of Webdiary! No mention of this puzzling development over at Margo’s present lair.

UPDATE. It’s alive! Margo’s new site is finally launched, free of any SMH entanglements:

Recently, my understanding of the nature of Webdiary and that of Fairfax suddenly and dramatically diverged, and as a result I ended my relationship with

Your loss, SMH! The new Kingston zone has it all, including a puzzling slogan (“Patron Power”), fashionable T-shirts, a revised charter, inexplicable photoshoppery, and a 20-member management team. Hooray for, er, Patron Power!

UPDATE II. Sadly, despite all those managers, MargoWorld struck problems in only the eighth comment posted, from fan Robert Lawton, which included this:

Not for publication postcript: I’ll be in Sydney in two months’ time for a few days (October 26 & 27), and will have some time up my sleeve for a change; it would be interesting to meet and perhaps find out what you may not wish to say publicly

Priceless! And Webdiarist Harry Heidelberg agrees:

Quite simply, we are priceless and what we believe in is priceless.

UPDATE III. Duelling Margos!

UPDATE IV. At last, something we can ALL agree with! Former SMH inmate Antony Loewenstein on Margo’s abandonment of his ex-employer:

Her and I have different views of the world BUT we agree on the inherent nightmare that is Fairfax.

Except we might not agree with the use here of “her” and “inherent”.

UPDATE V. Margonaut John Augustus asks:

What does Howard like? Cricket - a competition, a team game of fitness, talent, planning, tactics, surprise and perserverance with the aim of winning. (Oh it’s all about the game? Sure, ask the loser or someone who comes fourth.)

That’s kinda rare in a two-team contest.

UPDATE VI. Margo Kingston:

I didn’t know patron was a male word.

UPDATE VII. Webdiary reader Nathan Hale warned in May:

I fear Tim Blair and his neo-con lackeys will infiltrate our community and manipulate us into factional fighting over petty issues. This fate appears to haunt all great revolutionary movements.

Margo’s reply:

That’s an issue I am well aware of. Jack is responsible for dealing with it re comments editing. Our management group will manage the issue overall.

Curses! Foiled again by the mercurial management group!

UPDATE VIII. Chris Shiel misses the moment:

Even The Sydney Morning Herald’s Margo Kingston, a bete noir of many right-wingers, could never be read as a Labor apologist. On the contrary, Kingston’s support is ever conditional, with a sharp turn against Labor only a betrayed principle away.

Posted by Tim B. on 08/21/2005 at 06:47 PM
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