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Sunday, April 10, 2005


It’s the blogger battle of this or any other millennium! Both our combatants are youthful Sydney-based media professionals whose sites were launched in March; both are hosted by blogspot, and both use Sitemeter counters. Both have pictures. And both are prepared to kill as many people as it takes – or twice that amount – to achieve supremacy in blogging’s furiously-contested newbieweight division. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting …


Media background: Sydney Morning Herald, Engineering Consent, Counterspin, ZNet Australasia

Writes about: The “war on terror”, “democracy”, “terrorism”

Signature move: scare quotes

Mission statement: “I want this blog to be, soon enough, an essential stop for news and views you won’t find anywhere else, a challenge to the mainstream media’s primary reliance on US sources and a community who believes that people of conscience need to be more active in disseminating dissenting viewpoints.”

Daily average page views: 271

Daily average visitors: 157

And opposing the mighty Loewenstein …


Media background: ABC, Entertainment Tonight, Nine Network, Investigate magazine

Writes about: TV, movies, wrestling

Signature move: celebrity photographs

Mission statement: “I watch eight hours of TV every day and I watch at least two movies a week. I’m more committed to watching, analysing and devouring TV and movies than anyone else I know. And I love it.”

Daily average page views: 258

Daily average visitors: 132

So far Loewenstein’s rapid left-left-left combinations have him marginally in front (13 page views, 25 visitors) but anything could happen between now and midnight on November 27, when the Australian newbieweight champion of 2005 shall be declared. Will Loewenstein run up a massive hit count through links from Tim Dunlop, Mark Bahnisch or Kevin Drum? Will Horton’s pop-culture savvy attract the notice of Spin Starts Here, Jess, or Cathy Seipp? Might either achieve an across-the-blogosphere KO via the equivalent of, say, a Rathergate?

Nobody knows! I encourage supporters of both Shelly and Antony to resort to any means in pursuit of victory (defined, for the purposes of this contest, as leading in both average visitors and page views by the specified cut-off date). A $250 cash prize will be personally delivered to the winner, along with a cheap hat. In the event of a split decision (one wins visitors, the other page views) $125 will be presented to each bloodied contestant. Let the battle continue!

(Note: I’ve removed my permalink to Shelly’s site, and will not link to either contestant during this bout aside from periodic updates that will link to both. Contest void if either blogger employs a counting method other than their original Sitemeter. Blatant bogusness will result in disqualification. I remain open to bribery attempts from Shelly’s hot girlfriends.)

Posted by Tim B. on 04/10/2005 at 11:05 AM
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