Global warming protesters get the message out in Boston:
Let’s hope none of them were sunburned.

UPDATE. Jim Treacher:

When you’re using your homemade “STOP GLOBAL WARMING” sign to shield your face from blowing snow in the middle of March, it’s time to take a good long look at the process by which you make decisions.

UPDATE II. The debate is over. Warmenists lost.

Posted by Tim B. on 03/18/2007 at 11:16 AM
  1. Take care marching under the trees, kiddies, you wouldn’t want a whole load of irony dumped on your heads . . .

    Posted by Spiny Norman on 2007 03 18 at 11:40 AM • permalink

  2. On the bright side, no toes were lost to frostbite. At least, none reported anyhow. (And, obviously, no one thought to invest in a Peoples Assembly Climate Optimiser before starting the march. Remember: PACO™ has you walking on sunshine even if you’re a moonbat.)

    Posted by andycanuck on 2007 03 18 at 11:51 AM • permalink

  3. Who do you think they’re talking to, with signs like “Stop Global Warming”? “You, hey, you there! Stop it. Stop it, stop it, stop it!” Is it, is it, Gaia?
    First glance, I coulda sworn that snow-obscured sign read “Stop Global Whiting.” Context, I guess.

    Posted by m on 2007 03 18 at 11:59 AM • permalink

  4. Do you think maybe Gaia is trying to send them a message?

    Posted by Bruce Rheinstein on 2007 03 18 at 12:12 PM • permalink

  5. Suddenly its 99 degrees F in Phoenix, Arizona. Only the Gore effect can save the Phoenicians now! Help them, Algore, you’re their only hope!

    Posted by ForNow on 2007 03 18 at 12:30 PM • permalink

  6. I believe we have determined that Algore has single-handedly ended global warming through the Gore Effect.

    There is obviously no longer anything to worry about.

    Posted by Hucbald on 2007 03 18 at 01:04 PM • permalink

  7. Why doesn’t our corporate media show the polar bear that’s stalking them just off camera left? Hah? Hah?  Answer me THAT you deniers, you?

    Posted by richard mcenroe on 2007 03 18 at 01:05 PM • permalink

  8. I believe we have determined that Algore has single-handedly ended global warming through the Gore Effect.

    The question is, would it be more effective to harness the Gore Effect by having Gore travel around the world continuously, or to spread him evenly across the surface.

    It seems to me that the global-spanning jet-setting he’s been doing has only result in localized and extreme reductions in temperatures. If Gore believes we’re in as much dangers as he says, then perhaps he’ll volunteer for the alternative experiment.

    Posted by Rob Crawford on 2007 03 18 at 01:09 PM • permalink

  9. History repeats itself, Santayana said, starting as tragedy (‘An Inconvenient Truth’) but then farce (frostbite on trek to North Pole to expose global warming).

    Harry’s Corollary: subsequent iterations will all be more farce. Or, as a Caribbean theologian said, it’s farce all the way down.

    Posted by Harry Eagar on 2007 03 18 at 01:20 PM • permalink


    Posted by Jim Treacher on 2007 03 18 at 01:22 PM • permalink

  11. Don’t they know the Climate Debate is over.

    Posted by aaron_ on 2007 03 18 at 02:06 PM • permalink

  12. I heard on the news earlier that there’s a special bill before the US congress atm that is written to give AlGore permission to have his Gerbil Wormening fund raising show on the steps of the *congress building.

    *Not sure which building, house or senate, or even if those are in different buildings. As an American, I am find myself duty bound to be as dismissive of that whole federal town as is possible.

    Posted by Grimmy on 2007 03 18 at 02:39 PM • permalink

  13. “Don’t they know the Climate Debate is over.”

    Yeah, well that’s true.  Since we have no way to test the AGW theory scientifically, there isn’t much point in debating it.

    We can either continue to make empirical observations and then make a decison about what to do about man-made global warming (assuming the theory tests out) when we have more data, or we can give the socialist totalitarians the power to rule our lives, (power which they want whether the planet heats, cools or stays the same).

    Personally, I vote for option one.

    Posted by Dave Surls on 2007 03 18 at 03:01 PM • permalink

  14. In Boston, I understand, its important to get out on these missions.

    Especially if you want to get laid!

    Posted by Lonetown on 2007 03 18 at 03:11 PM • permalink

  15. I’m willing to bet that Gore knows exactly what he’s doing. He figures that if Nature has such a violent backlash against his work, then giving “An Inconvenient Truth” as much publicity as possible will trigger the maximum irony snowfall. Save the planet! Arrange public screenings of Al Gore’s film in every major city around the world!

    . . . ow. I think my brain just leaked out my ears.

    Posted by Tungsten Monk on 2007 03 18 at 03:13 PM • permalink

  16. Dave, did you check the link?

    Posted by aaron_ on 2007 03 18 at 03:19 PM • permalink

  17. “Dave, did you check the link?”

    Yes, I did.

    And, it ought to be obvious to anyone, that in a material sense our lives are better now, than they’ve ever been in human history (way better), thanks to our technological trickery.  There rather obviously is no crisis at this time.

    Posted by Dave Surls on 2007 03 18 at 03:58 PM • permalink

  18. o/t but this is effin’ dodgy

    Posted by murph on 2007 03 18 at 04:05 PM • permalink

  19. I’ll bet you my retirement that in five years, these same people will be out demonstrating against the government because it isn’t doing enough to stop asteroids falling/an ice age forming/avian flu apocalypse/domination of the world by Wal-Mart.  And they won’t see a bit of inconsistency in it.

    Posted by RebeccaH on 2007 03 18 at 05:08 PM • permalink

  20. #18. Funny, murph, I thought the same thing when I saw it. Wonder why that would be.

    Posted by Nilknarf Arbed on 2007 03 18 at 05:30 PM • permalink

  21. What an amazingly successful protest. Instant satisfaction of their grievance.

    Posted by Contrail on 2007 03 18 at 06:02 PM • permalink

  22. #18 & #20.  Very sad.  I just hope it was natural causes rather than a dissappointed fan, or the other possibility.

    Posted by PeterTB on 2007 03 18 at 06:36 PM • permalink

  23. I can just hear them now…

    Hey, hey, ho, ho
    Global warming’s got to go

    Of course, the sound is muffled by all the scarves, ski masks and frozen larynges.

    Holy shiite—an F-22 just made three passes over our house at less than 1000’. My ears are still ringing. I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s doing here.

    Posted by Kyda Sylvester on 2007 03 18 at 06:45 PM • permalink

  24. These people are still following the false prophet Glowball Warmening.  The one true prophet is Climate Changering.  Behead those who follow Glowball Warmening!

    Posted by anthony_r on 2007 03 18 at 06:49 PM • permalink

  25. #18 #20 & #22 I agree.  I missed this defeat ... away from a computer. Canadians just will not understand, get the message that islamic fundamentalism cricket is a fascist ideology intent on taking over the world.

    He died so that we may live, for another week maybe, until we submit to the mighty cricket god.

    Posted by Wimpy Canadian on 2007 03 18 at 07:07 PM • permalink

  26. I imagine their chant sounded something like this:



    Posted by Andrea Harris, Administrator on 2007 03 18 at 07:36 PM • permalink

  27. Holy shiite—an F-22 just made three passes over our house at less than 1000’. My ears are still ringing. I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s doing here.

    Had that happen once when I was a kid. Not an F-22, but what I remember as two Tomcats. Not at 1000’ feet, though—I swear I saw them pull up to avoid some trees behind our house.

    One of the loudest things I ever heard.

    Posted by Rob Crawford on 2007 03 18 at 07:49 PM • permalink

  28. This cold weather certainly has been a threat to the Warmons. The FX Network comes to the rescue tonight with a showing of “The Day After Tomorrow”, the crappy disaster flick which shows how global warming will cause instant global freezing.

    So, I guess the polar bears will be drowning in the Gulf of Mexico, and the ice will be so heavy on land that it will push the Earth’s crust down and cause sea levels to comparatively rise and flood the coasts. Or something.

    Whenever I’m called a denialist, I’m going to ask them which version I’m denying. I get confused.

    Posted by Dave S. on 2007 03 18 at 07:55 PM • permalink

  29. Holy shiite—an F-22 just made three passes over our house at less than 1000’.

    Wife and I were driving a tree-lined backroad in New Hampshire (OK, they’re all tree-lined) when a pair of A-10s went over at near-treetop level. Holy frack, what a noise. Scared the bejeebus out of us.

    Posted by Dave S. on 2007 03 18 at 07:59 PM • permalink

  30. #23 & #27 Legend has it that the (exchange) duty officer at a certain Queensland RAAF base took a late call from an irate citizen complaining about 2 F111s (yes we still fly them) exercising their TFR over rural country.  In answer to the question “WTF was that noise”, answered “That Ma’am is the sound of freedom”.

    Posted by PeterTB on 2007 03 18 at 08:00 PM • permalink

  31. Lived outside Lexington, MA, for a while. (Hanscom AFB) When a fully loaded C5A took off in our direction, it would pass over at under a 1000 feet at full throttle.  Loud? Yes. And the earth literally moved.

    I was damn proud of my countrymen every time. Still am.

    Posted by gajim on 2007 03 18 at 08:53 PM • permalink

  32. Another sign of Gorebal Warmenation— Cricket Fans Rampage  The heat must have woken them up…

    Posted by richard mcenroe on 2007 03 18 at 08:53 PM • permalink

  33. I used to live across Jamaica Bay from Floyd Bennett Field when it was still active.  Our bungalow was right under the approach pattern for the A-4 Skyhawks based there.  Sounded like God’s own zipper when they went over…

    Posted by richard mcenroe on 2007 03 18 at 08:59 PM • permalink

  34. I know that “Global Warming” supposedly causes all sorts of weather, but anybody holding a sign that reads “Stop Global Warming” in a snowstorm is just—I can’t even finish this comment.  My brain hurts too much.

    Posted by Sean M on 2007 03 18 at 09:12 PM • permalink

  35. ‘;’; ‘; ;’  zapp zapp ;’’ ‘; ’ ’ ‘; ‘;

    “Snow,sun rays”

    by 1.618 For Sale $12,900 plus sunscreen.

    Posted by 1.618 on 2007 03 18 at 09:42 PM • permalink

  36. #30- They do low passes over Boonah and such on TFR at full wick, and often also over the Cunningham Highway so while you’re quitely motoring along, a large dark shadow flashes overhead then a few seconds later there’s a sound like Motorhead turned up to eleven, stuffed into a galvenised watertank and blown along a bitumen road by an F5 tornado. Many locals choose brown trousers for this reason. I believe the knuckleheads do it on purpose to see if they can get some grey nomad towing a Chesney to vapourlock.

    Posted by Habib on 2007 03 18 at 10:21 PM • permalink

  37. #13, here’s a theory on climate that could possibly be tested empirically:

    Sun’s pulse ‘pointing to rain’
    DROUGHT-BREAKING rains across eastern Australia have been predicted in new modelling by a scientist who believes massive pulses in the sun’s magnetic field are helping to drive the Earth’s climate systems.
    It also suggests there may be a longer 500-year solar cycle, which may help explain climate variability over the past centuries, including periods of unexplained climate variability such as the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age.

    Posted by Art Vandelay on 2007 03 18 at 10:40 PM • permalink

  38. I forgot to add to the above that it’s raining in Canberra today…

    Posted by Art Vandelay on 2007 03 18 at 10:41 PM • permalink

  39. Sounded like God’s own zipper when they went over…

    What a great line.  I’m gonna use that one.  I’ve been on the golf course at Nellis AFB when fighter jets were doing practice takeoffs, and yes, it was exactly like that.  Apparently, that’s a regular thing.  Golfers there must have nerves of steel.

    Posted by RebeccaH on 2007 03 18 at 10:44 PM • permalink

  40. #18, murph, my very first thought was a bleeding ulcer that blew (had an uncle go the same way).  Especially since that kind of coaching is supposed to be so high-pressure.  If it must be something, let it be that and not something nefarious.

    Posted by RebeccaH on 2007 03 18 at 10:47 PM • permalink

  41. #30

    I live in the Lockyer Valley, 40k’s from Ipswich. I LOVE it when the F111s fly over. Last month, about once a week, they were flying over at about 8:45pm. One night there were four F111s.

    I love them, they are noisy and powerful. You can fly over as often as you like. It’s the sound of security.

    My ex was in 501.

    Posted by kae on 2007 03 18 at 11:45 PM • permalink

  42. #41 “Lockyer Valley”  After Darren Lockyer?

    Posted by PeterTB on 2007 03 18 at 11:58 PM • permalink

  43. #36 Low enough to lift roof tiles?  But that’s another apocryphal story…...

    Posted by PeterTB on 2007 03 19 at 12:01 AM • permalink

  44. #8 - RC, while spreading Al Gore evenly over the earth’s surface would certainly stop gerbil worming, it might be rather messy. Imagine walking or driving over an inch-thick layer of congealed fat. However, if you personally want a little piece of Al for your own environmentally sound polar-bear refuge, the Church of Gaia will soon be making his hair and toenail clippings available for sale as holy relics. Book now to avoid disappointment.

    Posted by squawkbox on 2007 03 19 at 12:01 AM • permalink

  45. The first influx of squatters and settlers began opening the Lockyer Valley to logging, dairy and other agricultural industries in the 1840s,. Nah, I think it predates [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darren_Lockyer]young Darren Lockyer url](a bloody good football player).[/

    Posted by kae on 2007 03 19 at 12:09 AM • permalink

  46. “I refuse to prove that I exist,” says the God of Climate Change, “for proof denies faith, and without faith I am nothing.”

    “But,” says Man, “the Babel fish is a dead giveaway isn’t it? It could not have evolved by chance. It proves that you exist, and so therefore, by your own arguments, you don’t. Q.E.D.”

    “Oh dear,” says the God of Climate Change, “I hadn’t thought of that,” and promptly vanishes in a puff of logic.”

    “Oh, that was easy,” says Man, and for an encore goes on to prove that black is white and white is black and gets himself killed on the next zebra crossing. While most leading theologians believe this argument to be a load of dingo’s kidneys, that didn’t stop Aloolon Goreuphid from using it as the central theme of his best-selling book, “Well That About Wraps It Up For Any Inconvenient Truths Out There Dunnit?”

    Posted by Whale Spinor on 2007 03 19 at 12:15 AM • permalink

  47. It was about this time of year, AD1952 or ‘53.

    Typical March day in east Texas—cloud base well below 1000’, chill, strong wind from the north, occasional bits of spitting rain. I was taking the trash out to the gully we used for disposal then, before the EPA. There came a low, throbbing, pulsing roar, accompanied by a faint whining whistle. The hair stood up on the back of my neck, and I looked around…

    Passing from east to west below the scudding overcast was a B-36. It slowly rowed its way across the sky, disappearing over the ridge to the west, leaving only the sound for a while.

    And the beethree-six
    which lumbers and grumbles
    will turn your bones to jelly
    and strike you down dead

    I recognized it instantly. Ms. Merrill had seen one, too.


    Posted by Ric Locke on 2007 03 19 at 01:17 AM • permalink

  48. They’re one large aircraft, and noisy as hell. Nosiest things I’ve ever encountered were a Caravelle operated by Air Caledonie, a Nimrod (maritime surveillance version of the gravity-proving Comet) on a round-the-world tour prior to them being finally decommissioned, and anything built by the Ruskies, especially the Ilysushin 52, which appeare to be a straight knock-off of the VC10 but with a bombardiers position below the flight deck. LOT (the Polish commie carrier) used to operate them, and you could hear the bloody thing while it was still 20kms out over Moreton Bay- not much rick of asneak attack unless every AAA battery had been on the piss, and even them the ear-piercing shreik would penetrate the foggiest hangover. F111s on dump and burn do make a fairly impressive low frequency rumble, like a cross between close thunder and a small earthquake, which sends my hounds into a paroxym- also has a bit of a “pillar of fire” effect at night. I’d think it wouyld be a worthy propaganda effect to use on ignorant desert dwellers who tend to believe in the portent of visual and audio omens.

    Posted by Habib on 2007 03 19 at 02:10 AM • permalink

  49. Slightly O/t but what does it say about the Academy Awards if a slideshow wins an Oscar? How must all the other documentary makers feel. I think Al would have lowered the temperature in that room.

    Posted by allan on 2007 03 19 at 02:36 AM • permalink

  50. Slightly O/T but Lileks is in fine form today in The Bleat , in which he goes to a protest.

    Number of people who asked if I was FBI because I was taking pictures: six. Number of people who seemed confused when I said I was Section 31: six

    Posted by Mike_W on 2007 03 19 at 02:51 AM • permalink

  51. I always considered the Caribou to be the noisiest aircraft to fly in.  The experience was like being enclosed in a metal skip bin with a thousand demons hammering on the outside with shovels.

    Posted by Ubique on 2007 03 19 at 03:28 AM • permalink

  52. #48

    What a brilliant idea. I love the sound of the F111 up close, dump and burn. But it would scare the shit out of 6th Century barbarians.
    I say we should fill their boots!

    Posted by kae on 2007 03 19 at 03:48 AM • permalink

  53. #49

    Slightly O/t but what does it say about the Academy Awards if a slideshow wins an Oscar?

    It says:

    Everyone stopped watching years ago.

    Posted by kae on 2007 03 19 at 03:56 AM • permalink

  54. #37
    Scientist predicts good rain during winter

    So what’s this stuff about linking AGW & drought then, eh?

    More here.

    Posted by egg_ on 2007 03 19 at 04:04 AM • permalink

  55. One of the stories that came out of Gulf War One was that when the SAS came across a suspicious group of locals, they would call for a low level supersonic pass by one of the myriad “fast mover” aircraft that were buzzing around Kuwait and Iraq at the time.

    Locals were next seen disappearing in twenty different directions at a great rate of camelspeed, and never a shot fired.

    Posted by Pedro the Ignorant on 2007 03 19 at 06:34 AM • permalink

  56. An oldie but goody story of afterburners and Hadji.

    Posted by moptop on 2007 03 19 at 08:57 AM • permalink

  57. Hey, hey now!  Al Gore’s not fat, he’s carbon sequestering.

    When he’s dead, he’ll be carbon neutral, like the rest of us.

    Posted by aaron_ on 2007 03 19 at 09:09 AM • permalink

  58. Just so you know, it is forcast to be -5 F tommorrow, it was 3 F this morning. I think my calander is broken, because it says March 19.

    And I used Dave S’s technique for measuring the snow depth, and I can assure you it is at least 4 1/2 inches deep, looks like way more…

    My wife told me that our sex life would always be great if I followed her three simple pieces of advice.

    1 Never look in the top drawer of the nightstand on her side of the bed.

    2 If I ever come home early from work on a Monday or a Thursday, call ahead.

    3 If I hear the kids talking about their “Uncle Magnus”, just humor them, he is their imaginary friend.

    I have followed her advice, and our sex life has always been great.

    Posted by moptop on 2007 03 19 at 09:36 AM • permalink

  59. My first venture into songwriting.  Please be kind.

    They asked me how I knew
    AGW was true
    Oh, I of course replied
    Truthiness inside
    Cannot be denied

    They said someday you’ll find
    All the left are blind
    Oh, when consensus lies
    You must realize
    Snow gets in your eyes

    So I chaffed them and I gaily laughed
    To think they would surely drown
    Yet today my warm has flown away
    And my nose is strangely brown

    Now laughing wingers deride
    Tears I can not hide
    Oh, so I smile and say
    When Al Gore arrives
    Snow gets in your eyes
    Snow gets in your eyes

    Posted by Achillea on 2007 03 19 at 10:07 AM • permalink

  60. #29

    I used to work for an armored car company, and we were travelling downstate in very flat country with a few stands of woods. I was able to view backwards, and I noticed that an airplane (an A-10) that apparantly was flying parallel to the road unseen seemed to suddenly hop over trees and fly close along the road. It was joined by another. They then accelerated and beat up the road and passed close over us.

    I was somewhat agitated by this (I nearly wet myself). Later, I learned that the Air Force and Air Guard were simulating low level anti-tank excercises in lower Delaware, since it resembled the Fulda Gap in Germany.

    Posted by Blue Hen on 2007 03 19 at 10:51 AM • permalink

  61. #58 “I think my calander is broken, because it says March 19. “

    Be quiet. The general consensus says it’s January 10th.

    Posted by ThinAndBritish on 2007 03 19 at 10:55 AM • permalink

  62. #45 Nice.  Now help me here - should I be picturing it under rainforest or glacier?  In case I plan to move there I mean

    Posted by PeterTB on 2007 03 20 at 08:10 AM • permalink

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