In 2003, The Age’s Mark Baker warned that John Howard’s “abrasiveness” put Australia’s reputation in Asia at risk. Times change:

Indonesia’s President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has thrown his country’s full support behind Australia’s inclusion in a future East Asian summit and has agreed to forge a security pact, heralding an era of closer relations between the two countries.

Even Paul Keating approves, after a fashion.

Posted by Tim B. on 04/05/2005 at 02:59 AM
  1. Ahh PJK...Loony old man will drop pants for food. Now the loony old man dancers… It was me me me. Who cares loony old man.

    “Paul Keating was prime minister from 1991 to 1996,” and he’s never gotten over it.

    Posted by on 04/05 at 03:30 AM • permalink

  2. Well done John! BUT THE HUG at the airport was over the top.
    Abrasiveness? was’nt that the domain of Paul Keating?

    In the meantime according to LGF the Muslims are pushing for Sh’rai law to be introduced in Australia.
    A SPECIALIST Islamic court is among proposals Muslim leaders have raised with Howard Government ministers to resolve religious disputes such as divorce within Australian Muslim communities.

    The imam from Sydney’s largest mosque met Citizenship Minister Peter McGauran last week to raise concerns about a failure to adequately resolve religious disputes, a longstanding problem within Muslim communities....

    Posted by on 04/05 at 03:37 AM • permalink

  3. The government told them to “Sharia” off, if you are at all worried, davo.

    Posted by Quentin George on 04/05 at 03:44 AM • permalink

  4. Nice to know that dhimmitued is being held at bay in Australia, Quentin.
    Dunno about the religio-racial criticism laws in Victoria though

    Posted by on 04/05 at 03:51 AM • permalink

  5. Paul who?????

    Posted by on 04/05 at 05:03 AM • permalink

  6. Steve, that’d be the Paul guy who called Australia the “arse end of the world”.

    Posted by on 04/05 at 05:12 AM • permalink

  7. Hard to overstate the significance of this. For all this blather about Asia, Keating never achieved a bloody thing.

    Posted by on 04/05 at 05:51 AM • permalink

  8. Ahhh, PJK, no doubt when he was addressing Suharto as “Bapak” (father) he knew exactly where the ‘arse end’ was.

    I hope today that Alison Broinowski and other of her ilk, have a chicken come to roost, the ‘chicken of depression’

    Posted by on 04/05 at 06:05 AM • permalink

  9. I say Recalcitrant
    And you say Rebarbative,
    You say I rave and rant,
    And I say you have to give
    Credit - for I got Asia to the table;
    Let’s slag the Howard thing off.

    Spotlight on me please!

    (meanwhile - I’m still waiting for somebody to find that picture of Paul in the silliest of silly Indonesian hats on his last visit to bapak. Seems to have been expunged from the records!)

    Posted by on 04/05 at 06:25 AM • permalink

  10. Tim & Andrea, I haven’t seen either of you permit guest posts but nevertheless it would be good to invite Alison Broinowski to submit one on what she thinks the recent developments in Australia-Asia relations(say post-Boxing Day 2004) signify.  Unless she has done something already for .

    Posted by on 04/05 at 06:32 AM • permalink

  11. [blank stare]

    Posted by Andrea Harris, Administrator on 04/05 at 07:18 AM • permalink

  12. “he’s never gotten over it”

    What appears to rile PJK mmost is the fact that he lost to John Howard, a man whom he arrogantly regards as very much his inferior.  PJK took his 1996 election defeat more as an insult rather than as a disappointment.

    Posted by on 04/05 at 07:43 AM • permalink

  13. IanMc has mis-read the instructions, for bagpipes it reads ‘blow this end”

    Posted by on 04/05 at 07:51 AM • permalink

  14. APEC.

    Posted by nwab on 04/05 at 09:41 AM • permalink

  15. From http://www.acronymfinder.com/, for the acronym “APEC”:

    Access, Process, Employ, and Collaborate (intelligence community)
    Acquisition Planning Executive Council
    Aircrew Protection Executive Committee
    Alliance for the Preservation of English in Canada
    Applied Power Electronics Conference
    Asia Pacific Economic Conference
    Asian-Pacific Employees Committee
    Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
    Association for the Preservation of English in Canada
    Atlantic Provinces Economic Council (Canada)

    Which one, nwab?

    Posted by on 04/05 at 09:56 AM • permalink

  16. Godo research, TRJ.

    Asia Pacific Economic Conference

    Some Aussie may have heard of it. Howard certainly has.

    Posted by nwab on 04/05 at 10:03 AM • permalink

  17. Godo? Aussie? Shit!

    Good? Aussies?

    Even sarcasm is failing!

    Posted by nwab on 04/05 at 10:05 AM • permalink

  18. Paul Keatings greatest moment was correctly identifying a journalist as a “bicycle seat sniffer”. Pure gold.  As McAskil points out, he was apparently a Prime Minister at some stage also.

    Posted by on 04/05 at 10:56 AM • permalink

  19. We know what Alison thinks - Australian Government Bad, Everyone Else Good.

    Posted by on 04/05 at 05:22 PM • permalink

  20. There was a great column on this in yesterday’s Australian:
    With this week’s visits by two leading Southeast Asian leaders, perhaps critics of John Howard’s regional policy should eat their words

    Posted by on 04/05 at 08:46 PM • permalink

  21. Art
    Too many words have been written and i’m afraid they would all die from indigestion.

    Posted by on 04/05 at 08:56 PM • permalink

  22. Davo — Can we watch?

    Posted by on 04/05 at 08:57 PM • permalink

  23. So nwab’s back to nwab now?  What happened to maxi?  Did he discover that it’s just as easy to ignore him under any other name?

    Posted by on 04/05 at 09:40 PM • permalink

  24. Rog2 — Oh, blow...

    Posted by on 04/05 at 10:33 PM • permalink

  25. Davo, it does explain Beazley, Mike Moore and Phillip Adams though…

    Posted by on 04/05 at 11:48 PM • permalink

  26. I’ve found Alison Broinowski’s contact details at http://www.saxton.com.au/default.asp?nc8=100&sc8=141&sd8=894 actually its her agent for speaking engagements.  The profile is very funny and she is able to speak about ‘Asianation’ whatever that may be.

    Posted by on 04/06 at 02:15 AM • permalink

  27. I just LOVE Paul Keating.

    But only when he is speaking through gritted teeth about Howard, who is a hundred times the PM Keating ever was.

    How does one spell that word?

    Shadenfrude… no…
    Schaede...? Hmm. No.

    Doubtless it will come to me.


    Posted by on 04/06 at 03:11 AM • permalink

  28. In politics it’s more a case of shaftin’ freunde.

    Posted by on 04/06 at 05:02 AM • permalink

  29. PJK is the reason that Lee Kwan Yu had no problem calling Australians “the White Trash of Asia”.

    Posted by murph on 04/06 at 06:46 AM • permalink

  30. NWAB is an acronym too

    Posted by on 04/06 at 09:24 AM • permalink

  31. Mark L — In Simpsons-speak, the word is spelled “HAH-hah!”

    If you don’t want to be abrasive, move to Canada.  If you want to be a nation with an active role in world affairs, plainly state that your nation has interests and act on them.

    Posted by on 04/06 at 10:24 AM • permalink

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