Robert Mugabe’s lunacy campaign now extends to destroying orphanages and vegetable gardens. But it’s all in the name of a good cause:

On Tuesday vegetable gardens the urban poor plant in vacant lots around Harare were added to the police’s targets. The government says the plots are threatening the environment.

Posted by Tim B. on 06/23/2005 at 08:15 AM
  1. He’s attacking vegetables? Now thats going to get Margo and the readers of the Northern Rivers rag she writes for, into the streets in protest.

    Posted by Nic on 2005 06 23 at 09:22 AM • permalink

  2. Can’t we just fire a cruise missile at wherever Mugabe is? Wipe out him and his mates, before this gets completely out of hand.

    Posted by Aging Gamer on 2005 06 23 at 09:28 AM • permalink

  3. Malcolm Fraser must be very proud of his protege.

    Posted by Susan Norton on 2005 06 23 at 09:46 AM • permalink

  4. Of course, this is where we’re supposed to complain that no one - not the U.S., Britain, or Europe, and especially not the U.N. - is doing anything. Which they aren’t, but invasions of murderous dictatorships don’t seem to win a lot of friends or votes these days, so that just leads to the obvious question - why don’t Zimbabwe’s neighbours, and specifically their biggest neighbour, South Africa, do anything?

    Leaving aside the possibility that Thabo Mbeki might not be entirely opposed to what Mugabe’s doing - or at least, not when he was just doing it to white farmers - there’s the uncomfortable suggestion that Africa remains incapable of policing itself. All very troubling ideas, that no one wants to confront or talk about in mixed company. And so the destruction of a once-hopeful country and its economy, and the murder of its citizens, continues because of an excess of delicacy.

    Posted by rick mcginnis on 2005 06 23 at 10:36 AM • permalink

  5. Only if they were organic vegetables.
    On a more serious note two toddlers were killed during demolition when they were crushed by falling debris.
    So are two Zimbabweyan toddlers not worth as much as one Iraqi child Mr Annan?

    Posted by crash on 2005 06 23 at 10:59 AM • permalink

  6. Comrade Bob is itching. Its time we scratched it for him.

    Posted by EU Serf on 2005 06 23 at 11:03 AM • permalink

  7. South Africa’s Mbeki, France’s Chirac, and China’s whoever, don’t want anything effective done against Mugabe.

    With France and China on the Security Council, little will be done. With Mbeki’s influence in Africa, little will be done.

    I’m no expert on this sort of thing, but I tend to think that 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 Zimbabweans will die during the next year or two. “Botswana has built electric fences and South Africa has placed military along the border to stem the flow of thousands of Zimbabweans fleeing to find work and escape political persecution.”—CIA Fact Book http://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/geos/zi.html (Zimbabwe is bordered by Zambia to the northwest, Mozambique to the east, South Africa to the south, and Botswana to the southwest.)

    ~  ~ Zambia ~<u> ~ | ~ Mo</u>zambique
    Namibia ~ ~ |Z I M B- |
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ |<u>A B W E </u>|
    ~ ~ Botswana / S. \ Mozambique
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ / Africa\

    Ready for sacrifice on marxism’s altar.

    Posted by ForNow on 2005 06 23 at 01:19 PM • permalink

  8. So, there are vegetable “plots” against Mugabe? Killer tomatoes behind it, you think ? The rubber bands in his cognitive apparatus have definitely snapped.

    Posted by paco on 2005 06 23 at 01:44 PM • permalink

  9. So.  Another genocide in a powerless little country.  Heads of state and the U.N. will cluck and wring hands, nothing will be done, and when it’s all over, there will be some finger-pointing about who should have done what (mostly at the U.S., I suspect).  And then some film maker will make a sensitive, Oscar-worthy movie out of it for audiences to cry over. 

    And all those people will still be dead.

    Posted by RebeccaH on 2005 06 23 at 01:59 PM • permalink

  10. You can’t blame him for trying to preserve the environment. Unfortunately the environment is one of terror, mass starvation and gross human rights abuse.

    Posted by Arty on 2005 06 23 at 03:27 PM • permalink

  11. Those genetically altered crops simply have to go.

    Power to the people! Hey!

    Posted by yojimbo on 2005 06 23 at 03:39 PM • permalink

  12. Odd that the Acolytes of St. Rachel aren’t simply flocking to plop their butts down in front of those bulldozers.

    Posted by Achillea on 2005 06 23 at 03:53 PM • permalink

  13. Environmentalism being used as a pretense to justify political mass murder.  I’m sure the real environmentalists will start denouncing this blatant misuse of their cause - any moment now…

    Posted by TimShell on 2005 06 23 at 05:16 PM • permalink

  14. There are four clinical symptoms of AIDS used to diagnose it in Africa:

    1. a persistent dry cough,
    2. a high fever,
    3. loose stools or diarrhea for 30 days
    4. a 10 percent loss of body weight over a two month period.

    These are also the symptoms of simple malnutrition.

    Mugabe will starve the people both to eliminate many and to terrorize the rest. Then he will blame the deaths on AIDS.

    Many Hollywood celebrities will join him. Bush will be blamed for inadequate funding and drug co’s for the cost of meds.

    Mugabe will demand money from the world to fight the disease. The UN will support him in this, esp other African dictators who will see it as a fine strategy, a way to get paid for killing your opponents. And it will spread.

    Political Correctness kills.

    Posted by localharbor on 2005 06 23 at 05:23 PM • permalink

  15. The only good vegetable garden is a dead vegetable garden.

    Posted by JayC on 2005 06 23 at 06:43 PM • permalink

  16. Mugabe: “I’m going to eliminate malnutrition”.
    [Draws gun] “OK, who’s hungry?”

    Posted by Henry boy on 2005 06 23 at 08:05 PM • permalink

  17. How does today’s US Supreme Court’s Decision relate to Robert Mugabe? Read on.

    1. The most important thing about the Supreme Court is “how” and not “what!”

    The process is more important than the end result.  You can’t “make up” rules and decisions.

    See also, Charles Krauthmammer’s article in Wa Po about 2 weeks ago about the Supreme Court.

    2.  Here is a great satire - funny..a must read about the recent Supreme Court decision:
    Url removed by the Management.

    3.  Some day the “conservatives” in the Supreme Court will have a majority and rule their way.  Some day the “liberals” in the Supreme Court will have a majority and rule their way.

    The strict constructionsts (mostly libertarians and conservatives) believe that you must first interpret (1) the text of the Constitution, (2) then, if ambiguous, go to the Original Intent of the Founding Fathers.  I know, I didn’t do justice to the Constitution, but it will take 9 books to write about it, so I gave you a summary, but it boils down to the text and the intent.  Otherwise, you believe the “Constitution is a living document” theory and you interpret as you go along.

    For a humorous take on “the living document” theory, read
    Url removed by the Management.

    All off-topic urls will be removed. This is not a free advertising section. Anyone who wants to visit dtlc’s blog can link to it from his name under his comment.

    Posted by dtlc on 2005 06 23 at 09:03 PM • permalink

  18. Please stay on topic, dtlc. If you want to advertise your blog, contact Tim and buy a blog ad. Otherwise, only post on-topic urls. People can link to your blog from your name under your comments.

    (I will permit some off-topic comments with links, but have the courtesy to at least put “Off topic” at the head of your comments, and don’t abuse the privilege. And don’t put your own blog url in the comments if you have already supplied it in the name field.)

    Posted by Andrea Harris, Administrator on 2005 06 23 at 09:20 PM • permalink

  19. By the way, dtlc, you may want to warn people that your blog is not work-safe or child-safe. (I refer to the photographs in your sidebar.) Lots of people here read the blog from their place of work or have young children. Well I guess I’ve already warned everyone.

    Posted by Andrea Harris, Administrator on 2005 06 23 at 09:22 PM • permalink

  20. Rebecca,
    I agree.  I have a movie blog and I definitely don’t want to see Hotel Zimbabwe one day…

    Posted by Patricia on 2005 06 23 at 09:27 PM • permalink

  21. The next thing you know, he will be bulldozing mosques.

    Posted by Mystery Meat on 2005 06 23 at 09:40 PM • permalink

  22. Speaking of off-topic topics, why doesn’t Tim want to get dragged into the accelerating controversy involving Durbin, Pelosi, Rove, Pataki, and Hillary (not to mention stupendous swarms of American blogs)? Things are getting nass-teee.

    Posted by ForNow on 2005 06 23 at 11:43 PM • permalink

  23. “Heads of state and the U.N. will cluck and wring hands, nothing will be done, and when it’s all over, there will be some finger-pointing about who should have done what (mostly at the U.S., I suspect).”

    ...and of course, if the US does scrape up some forces and does something to stop Mugabe we’ll get blamed for that as well. The get asked why we don’t attack China as well. :(

    Posted by Patrick Chester on 2005 06 23 at 11:44 PM • permalink

  24. he will be bulldozing mosques.

    Read Steyn’s column. Mugabe already did so, around the time everyone was so worked up about “disrespect” in Gitmo.

    Posted by Quentin George on 2005 06 24 at 12:05 AM • permalink

  25. Take that, radishes! How does it feel now, cabbages??

    That’ll learn you Imperialist Vegetables to grow in my garden!

    Posted by TimT on 2005 06 24 at 03:34 AM • permalink

  26. Funny how the Pope was (supposedly) responsible for so many African deaths yet Mugabe & Co can only ever attract deep concern

    And as for Iraqi ‘insurgents’ bravely fighting against the US (illegal) invasion of Iraq.

    Maybe not so funny.

    Posted by rog2 on 2005 06 24 at 04:26 AM • permalink

  27. Hmmm… just saw an item on SBS news about this. A couple mourning their two-year-old daughter that was trapped under rubble. She was in the house when the bulldozers struck.

    There is a warm place in hell especially waiting for Mugabe.

    Posted by der FRED on 2005 06 24 at 09:05 AM • permalink

  28. Dear Quentin George-

    I was being ironic.  Next time I’ll use a smiley face to clue you in.  :>)

    Posted by Mystery Meat on 2005 06 24 at 01:15 PM • permalink

  29. Zimbabwean produce needs to realize there’s strength in numbers and bulk fiber! Crusader found these armed and dangerous Vegetable Mujahadeen.  It might just help the harried haricots in Harare. 

    May the Fruit be with them.

    Posted by tree hugging sister on 2005 06 24 at 01:38 PM • permalink

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