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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Mahmood welcomes three former Guantanamo Bay residents back to Bahrain: “Boys, you should have learnt your lessons, if not, you’re not welcome back. Go back to your Taliban minders. With that said, I demand a full apology from you to the Bahraini people for dragging our name in the mud.”

Evil Pundit calculates, using Daily Kos data, the precise level of George W. Bush’s evil: “As can be seen from the results, 56% of Kos participants rated Bush’s Iraq War at a wrongness level of 100, exceeding Hitler’s wrongness level of 90 - 99 by a comfortable margin. Therefore, we can conclude that Bush is exactly 56% more evil than Hitler.”

Cathy Seipp detects Huffertonian spoiler tactics: “The big Pajamas launch is next week in New York, on Nov. 16; funnily enough, that’s the exact date Arianna Huffington picked to hold a party here in L.A. for Defamer and Nick Denton.”

Florida Cracker presents compelling evidence that Beck is just a less-hairy version of Duane Allman.

Tim Dunlop identifies’s correct market value: “If you like, try them for two weeks for free. It’s worth it.

Austin Bay sheeshes at Maureen Dowd’s reluctance to discuss Iraq: “She said she wants to segue from war (Miller, Iraq, etc) to ‘gender war.’ Sheesh.”

James Waterton cites a cow-based example of pork-barrelling: “Every Sri Lankan home will be gifted with a high milk-yielding cow from Kerala which could be expected to yield 10 liters to 16 liters of milk every day. Even families who live in flats, who could make suitable arrangements to look after a cow, will receive a gift of cow.”

Acidman, God bless his fierce cracker heart, is working things through: “Today makes two weeks in rehab, and it’s one of those days when my alcohol-soaked brain rebels against the pangs of sobriety. I believe that I now know what senility feels like.”

The Bitch Girls report: “A hand grenade being used instead of a ball in a game of catch exploded early on Saturday killing three youths in this Bosnian town ...”

Mohammed at Iraq the Model discusses party strategies ahead of next month’s elections: “They’re marketing their programs and policies in a way that is considerably different from what we experienced a year ago and entirely different from what we had for decades under the Ba’ath despotic rule.”

Andrea is overdue for some coin: “Help keep me within reach of the internet 24/7.” Hit the link and donate.

Damian Penny says it’s party time in Paris: “Indeed, contrary to the oft-stated principle that the rioters are driven by ‘despair’, many of them seem to be having the time of their lives.”

Roger L. Simon is writing in some type of code: “The Lakers are 3-1 and the Kobester on top of the scoring derby with a Jordanesque 36 plus a game.”

Aaron at Free Will sees a pattern: “Minor car-b-q’s have taken place in Berlin and Brussels, suggesting the threat of this crisis eventually consuming all the chocolate making nations.”

Colby Cosh offers a solution: “The French rioting may be understood as the predictable legacy of those deformed 20th-century twins, modernism and the welfare state. The good news is that the cure—as American cities are gradually discovering—is as simple as reversing the policies in question (or at least modifying them to strip power from urban planners) and applying a little dynamite.”

Rajan Rishyakaran, deep in exams, is missing out on all the fun: “19 more days till I can post a sarcastic entry on the French riots. Hope it lasts until then.”

Harry Hutton reveals: “Many of my best friends are whites.”

Mr. Bingley farewells one beautiful labrador.

Darlene Taylor disses a dipstick: “How novel for a progressive bloke to present sexualised and demonic imagery when discussing a woman he disagrees with.”

James Lileks discovers the secret of successful publishing: “Here I’ve assembled a book with a substantial chapter on the matter of wartime constipation, and the next thing you know I’m in the Sunday Times. Up and comers, take note.”

Dr Alice gets diagnostic: “One of my wackiest patients came in for an unrelated problem and casually told me that she had had ‘some trouble seeing’ with her left eye for two weeks, only for me to test her and find that she was totally BLIND in that eye.”

Harry Heidelberg spots the last of a dying breed: “British socialism! There is at least ONE guy who believes in it.”

Jessica’s Well points out that “the price of gasoline, averaged across the country, is now less than it was before Katrina in August.”

Joy of Knitting despairs at Italy’s poor self-image: “Italians say they’re bad and think they’re worse than bad, and in their heart of hearts they fear they’re the worst of the worst.”

Libertarian Leanings notes: “Neither the Washington Post nor the New York Times have picked up on the story of retired General Paul Vallely, who now claims that former Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson outed his own ‘CIA wife’, Valerie Plame.”

Man of Lettuce reminds us that it is unwise to annoy a cab-blogger. Especially one equipped with a camera.

Andrew Sullivan is concerned about Muslim extremism in Europe and fears the worst: “I’m concerned about Muslim extremism in Europe and fear the worst.”

Nick Charles pessimistically predicts: “While useful idiots are protesting suppression of free speech and the risk of being arrested for incitement, those who are most likely to fall foul first are right-leaning bloggers.”

Professor Bunyip quotes an Australian Muslim who isn’t much bothered by Tuesday’s arrests: “They insisted on associating with idiot groups and bearing those mentalities. They now are reaping what they sewed and the families are paying for it with tears.”

Protein Wisdom’s legumes are superheated: “Coming from an academic background, nothing steams my bean so much as a professor misusing his power to try to destroy the incipient career of a PhD student”

Angie Shultz responds to a mention in The Guardian: “Welcome, Guardian consumers! Make yourselves comfortable, take a look around. Try some of this pate: made from force-fed, battery-kept baby frogs, dew-picked and flown from Iraq, ritually humiliated and mechanically separated in Chimpy McHitlerburton’s AmeriKKKa. Enjoy!”

Time Goes By unearths sneaky ageism: “This week, it is the Associated Press demeaning elderbloggers, as published in USA Today and elsewhere. (Do note too the insulting URL USA Today assigned to the online story:”

Tony the Teacher: “I like maths. Doesn’t everyone? Trigonometry, algebra, calculus—it’s all good.”

Dawn Eden has good and bad news: “The good news is that I have signed a contract with W Publishing Group, a division of Thomas Nelson—the largest Christian publisher—to write a book ... And so, I announce sorrowfully that The Dawn Patrol is going into hibernation.”

Jim Treacher: “It has been 24 days since I last updated this blog.”

Posted by Tim B. on 11/09/2005 at 12:10 PM
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