Actress Toni Collette in 2004, arguing against free trade with the US:

Our children watch TV to learn. If they grow up with American standards and expectations in our relatively naive land, it’ll create such a stifling sense of confusion. They are already eating McDonald’s, drinking Coca-Cola and being swamped by Disney.

We don’t want Australian kids to grow up with American accents.

But three years later:

Toni Collette is considering a move to the United States, depending on the success of a pilot television show she is planning to make with Steven Spielberg.

Collette, who is in the late stages of pregnancy …

UPDATE. Merlin in the US fears cultural intrusion: “That cute little Bindi Irwin was featured in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. I shook my fist at her angrily for trying to subvert our impressionable youth with her distorted Australian values.”