The Australian’s Rebecca Weisser:

By the time Saddam Hussein’s thugs were through with him, Hussein Khoshnow’s fingers had been crushed, his legs broken and there was a gash on his right cheek stretching almost from his nose to his jaw.

Mr Khoshnow, a Kurd who fled Iraq in 1991 and now edits an Arabic newspaper in Sydney, was photographed by his torturers with his head bandaged and wearing a torn shirt drenched in blood.

He was only 16.

But a direct appeal by Mr Khoshnow to Kim Beazley last week, urging him to commit to staying the course of the war in Iraq, left the federal Labor leader unmoved.

Mr Beazley told him it was time for the Iraqis to work things through for themselves.

Were it up to Beazley, Saddam Hussein’s goons would still be working through people like Khoshnow.

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